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Tom Ulbrich

Michael...I thought the exact same thing, as you can tell from my post. I came away with a very different experience unrelated to do with anything to do with making money. No question...a marketing machine in action and I will be the first to say that not everything is valuable, but what speaker is? Note that he does a few different talks, I only went to this one particular one. I always look at these type of events as worthwhile if I have one really good takeaway. In this case I did and it wasn't anything related to selling, making money, speaking, etc. What is interesting about him vs. some of the other circuit speakers is that he shares a ton of insider information in regards to the speaking circuit. Next time I see you I will give you a copy of one of his books.

Michael Cardus

Curious to hear more about this conference / talk.
I find Burchard to be a hyperbolic network marketing hollow kind of speaker.
He is doing great at what he does, which is making money from people who he convinces can make money.
There is a good chance that I am wrong, I have not read his books.
That is why I am genuinely curious to hear more about this.

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